Giant light bow on top of the shopping center Citadel Outlets in Los Angeles, United States of America.
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Outlet centers and outlet malls can’t always rely on passing foot traffic to fill centers with people. Instead, you need to differentiate your space and attract visitors with atmospheric, unique experiences. One way of doing this is by turning outlet centers and malls into True Light Experiences using festive decorative lighting that combines design-driven solutions and innovative, high-quality lighting products ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

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Outlet Centers - Los Angeles / USA / United States

Craig Realty: Citadel Outlets, LA




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Why festive lighting for your outlet center or mall?

  • Use festive decorative lighting to turn your outlet center or mall into a visitor destination that encourages visitors to travel the length and breadth of your space
  • Lighting that fills your space with a festive atmosphere changes people’s behaviors, makes them happy and gives them reasons to stay longer
  • Turn a visit to your outlet center or mall into a visitor experience with lighting, one that they will want to share with friends and family, in person and online

Contact us to find out more about how MK Illumination can help you use True Light Experiences to transform your outlet center or outlet mall with festive decorative light.

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