Illuminated ferries wheel at Swarovski facility location in the city of Wattens, Austria.
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Ferris Wheels

What is more festive than a giant wheel, circling lazily in the night sky, filling the darkness with animated, colorful lights?

If you’re thinking of incorporating a Ferris wheel into your city, public space or event, MK Illumination’s team of fun fair lighting experts can help you create an engaging lighting display that’s perfect for your needs and that attracts visitors from far and wide.

We design the lighting effects, provide the LED lights, install them and program the effects ourselves to ensure that the end result creates a one-of-a-kind visual experience that is balanced, beautiful, and that functions exactly the way it should.

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Bring your Ferris wheel to life with LED lights and custom-designed effects

Find out more about how MK Illumination can help add light and life to your event or space with innovative, high-quality Ferris wheel lighting.



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