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Bremerhaven, Germany

In 2019, Bremerhaven decided to expand their festive lighting and add new highlights.

In addition to popular features like their illuminated living trees, stargate, and giant walk-through Christmas bauble, the city added more tree lighting as well as a cute 3D santa light sculture, and a sparkling Tyrol star motif, both of which are a joy to look at and even more fun to photograph!

Both motifs quickly became popular backdrops for selfies and were shared countless times on social media.

The project in Bremerhaven has been expanded this year with some highlights. More trees were illuminated and a 3D Cute Santa and a Tyrol-Star complement this year’s concept. Both motives are popular photo objects and have been shared countless times in social media.

The MK Illumination team in Germany worked in partnership with our Premium Partner, Ebeling Licht  to bring this concept to life.

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