Shopping Centers & Malls - Rødovre, Denmark

Rødovre Centrum’s Hipster Mice

Rødovre Centrum in Denmark treated visitors a fun, family-friendly Christmas experience in 2018 with their hipster mice theme. Displays of animatronic mice hard at work measuring, cutting, and decorating a dress made of light put a smile on visitor’s faces as they made their way to the custom-designed “fantasy book” selfie area and Santa’s grotto, both of which were lit by low-hanging festive lighting and light-filled greenery.

The outdoor area was also lit up for the season, with illuminated columns, 3D light sculptures, and a conical tree, creating a welcoming festive atmosphere for visitors.

The 2018 festive experience was completely different to the 2017 “Bad Santa” campaign, and MK Illumination Denmark has told us to expect something completely different again in 2019: we can’t wait!

Close up view of animatronic
String lite chandelier and decoration with fir cones hanging from the ceiling and animatronic The Light sculptures of deer and a cone shaped christmas tree on the roof and with string lite decorated columns at the outside area of the shopping center Rødovre Centrum in the city of Rødovre, Denmark.
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