With string lights decorated facade of the hotel a-Rosa in Kitzbühel, Austria.


The competition to attract visitors to leisure businesses and attractions is fierce. In order to attract visitors to your local hotel, restaurant, tourist attraction or cultural attraction, you need to create an inviting atmosphere, offer unique experiences and stand out from your competitors.

Festive lighting is an easy and efficient way to create atmosphere and engaging visual experiences that make visitors notice you.

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Hotels - Austria

Tyrolean Hospitality





Festive decorative lighting that creates a warm, inviting atmosphere over the holidays and all year round.

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Restaurants & Bars

Fill restaurants and bars with a festive atmosphere and create a unique Christmas experience for visitors.

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Tourist Attractions

Use festive decorative lighting to turn tourist attractions into visitor magnets day and night.

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Hotels, Restaurants & Bars or Tourist Attractions... 

… we can help you take advantage of this opportunity by using festive lighting and decoration to fill your space with a festive atmosphere and create memorable, shareable experiences that attract visitors, encourage them to stay longer, and invite them take advantage of everything your space has to offer.

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Why consider festive decorative lighting for your hotel, restaurant, bar or tourist attraction?

  • Create a warm, hospitable, festive atmosphere that embodies your hotel’s distinct character and sets you apart from your competitors using festive decorative lighting
  • Festive lighting that builds on local traditions and culture and that fills your hotel with a unique festive spirit that will delight visitors and simply make guests happy
  • Festive exterior lighting can turn your hotel into a local landmark, one immediately recognized by visitors and locals alike, and the first hotel that comes to mind to tourists

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