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#Inspiration    13/08/2020

Christmas is coming… but before that, it’s Halloween!

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This year, celebrate Halloween in style with spooky lights and scary-or-fun décor that is guaranteed to appeal to all ages and that creates a safe social distancing space, too…

Did you know that Halloween is one of the fastest-growing holidays celebrated worldwide? Far from being an American-only festive occasion, October 31st has become an occasion for trick-or-treating, cute witches, and ghastly ghouls to head out and enjoy a bit of deliciously spooky fun for the night.

Given the difficulties we’ve all had in attracting footfall in 2020, Halloween might be a great opportunity for you to create events and opportunities for your communities to come back to your space, spend time with family and friends, and support local businesses.

Your Halloween celebrations could be as simple as a photo point or two.

Indoor Halloween displays that combine light, age-appropriate Halloween decoration (it doesn’t always have to be spooky!), and perhaps a giveaway or two are popular.

Striking Halloween props can transform indoor and outdoor spaces, and make sure that people keep a good distance from one another.

And for outdoor areas, go wild with pumpkin-themed lighting, harvest-themed props, and creepy characters like skeletons, gargoyles and more.

Love these ideas? Let MK Illumination help you turn Halloween into an attraction!

We can help you combine MK Illumination’s high quality LED lighting, MK Themed Attraction’s remarkable props and photo points, and engaging design to give your community a fantastic end to summer and prepare them for the upcoming Christmas season.

Get in touch to request our Halloween catalog or to find out more about how we can help.

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