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#Light Festivals    29/10/2018

Festa Luce: European Christmas Light Festival in Japan Opening Soon

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For the second year running, Japan’s Wakayama Marina City will be opening its doors and giving visitors a taste of Christmas in Europe at Festa Luce. Festa Luce offers extraordinary lighting displays and illuminated installations and themed European Christmas attractions in the beautiful setting of Wakayama Marina City to give visitors a one-of-a-kind festive experience.

The Festa Luce Ship

Each year, the Festa Luce ship sets sail, stopping at locations across Europe in search of authentic Christmas traditions and experiences. In 2018, the ship has returned filled to the brim with ideas, and the result is an immersive Festive Lighting Festival that celebrates Christmas.

This year, visitors to Festa Luce will be treated to an extravaganza of light sculptures, 3D lighting displays, and atmospheric festive lighting from MK Illumination and other partners as well as Christmas concerts and events, street performers, tasty treats, and European-style Christmas stalls and markets selling everything from mulled wine to winter mittens.

Light-filled Experiences for the Whole Family

From the moment visitors arrive at Festa Luce, the experience begins. A giant, 3D, illuminated Christmas ornament greets visitors who cross the bridge to the entrance. It’s the perfect place for a family photo or a selfie with friends.

Water Light Graffiti

Artistic souls can demonstrate their talent and paint light pictures a giant board featuring thousands of LEDs that respond to water. The result is Water Light Graffiti, and on the opening night of Festa Luce, Antonin Fourneau will perform a live demonstration of this performance light art.

Neon Paint

Creative types, photo-lovers and experience-seekers of all ages will love the Neon Paint area, where they can illuminate themselves with special neon pens that only light up under black light. Special photo points allow people to capture their glowing creations and share them with the world.

Symphony Projections

Throughout the park, light and music will meet and be projected onto walls in short project mapping shows that will delight visitors and allow them to experience the joyful effect of light  in a whole new way.

Photo Opportunities

The whole park will be filled with opportunities to capture experiences on camera, but features like the giant teddy bear and wintery trees glittering with light turn ordinary photos into treasured keep-sakes.

Amusement Park of Light

Wakayama Marina City’s amusement park will be transformed into a playground of light and interactive light experiences like the popular Prism Cave and new for 2018, the Ball of Light that changes color when touched.

Festa Luce Opens 3rd November

Festa Luce opens its doors on 3rd November and will light up Wakayama for three full months until 11th February 2019.

For details about Festa Luce, including pricing, how to get there and special attractions, visit

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