Picture composition of dolphins in front of a light sculpture baobab tree and a christmas tree made of golden baubles with a white ribbon wrapped around it.
#Inspiration    11/03/2019

Forests of Light: Tree-inspiration

Today is the International Day of Forests, and although we don’t do much in the way of lighting up forests (which of course have their own remarkable light), we do illuminate natural trees in urban and rural areas, and we design and craft beautiful 3D light sculptures of trees to fill spaces with both light and an appreciation for nature’s inspired design.

Filling natural trees with light

If you want to add both light and atmosphere to a space and you already have a tree-lined street or an historic or important tree that is an attraction in and of itself, our String Lite® product range is a popular solution thanks to their extendable lengths and their ability to grow as the tree grows, which means that no harm comes to a living tree.

Add extra sparkle with 2D and 3D hanging lighting motifs in just about any form or shape that you can imagine, or forego the String Lite® approach altogether and use motifs and decorative lighting on its own to make a statement.

Using tree light art to make a statement

Not every space is lucky enough to be filled with natural trees, but that needn’t be an obstacle to celebrating trees, forests, and nature with light, indoors and outdoors, thanks to our selection of custom-designed 3D trees that turn any space into an attraction. From pine trees to baobab trees, trees that change color and interactive trees filled with birds that start to sing as visitors approach them, we can help you find a tree light sculpture that will do double-duty as both a highlight feature AND a photo point in your shopping center, city or space.

Why trees filled with light?

Trees are an important part of the human experience – even for those of us who live nowhere near a forest – so they’re well-received by visitors of all ages and cultures. Add light, and you have an irresistible attraction that brightens up any space, adds a magical atmosphere, and that puts a smile on people’s faces.

Here are a three great ways that you can use light-filled trees in your space:

  1. Choose a tree that represents your local region to create an attraction that both locals and visitors will love. Great examples of this are the two installations of indigenous baobab trees in Perth, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa.
  2. Use trees to line a shopping street or river or to create a path from one part of your shopping center to another. This encourages visitors to “follow the light”, and see the delights that your city or center has to offer, whilst making people feel safe after sunset at the same time. Maria-Theresien-Straße in Innsbruck, Austria, and Laurier Ouest, Montreal, Canada, are examples of using light sculptures to control how people move.
  3. Add animation, color, and interactivity to a tree and encourage visitors to stop a moment, enjoy, and take and share photos to raise the profile of your city or space online. Take inspiration from the Tree of Hope in Ruihong Tiandi, Shanghai, China, or opt for a visual treat like the rainbow tree in Moreton Park, Vancouver, Canada.

More inspiration

For more ideas and inspiration, take a look at some of our projects to see just how often trees take center-stage in our designs or get in touch with our team and they can help you find something that fits your space and your needs perfectly.

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