#Events    06/10/2019

MK Illumination UK’s recreation of the logo of London’s premier rooftop bar wows guests

In September, our MK Illumination UK team hosted rooftop sundowners at London’s Aviary bar to mark the opening of the ICSC’s 2019 Retail Innovation Forum.

The fabulous location was made even more special by a remarkable 3D light sculpture of the Aviary bar’s logo, created by the team as the centerpiece for the event. The impressive 3.4m high by 1.7m wide sculpture featuring a gilded peacock atop a cage was an instant talking point.

An illustration of the power of light

“This was a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate the power of a light sculpture to captivate people, to create atmosphere and to promote a brand, while also showcasing our creative and technical capabilities,” said Adele Hodson, Head of Sales at MK Illumination UK.

“The sculpture certainly made a positive impression. It was fantastic for us to see first-hand how the guests at the event reacted to it with delight. We could also see that people were drawn to congregate nearby, to chat and enjoy themselves in the glow of the light – and to take selfies of course!”

Finished in gold and studded with warm white light points, the sculpture features a large, luxurious tail that combined real peacock feathers alongside individual die cuts of golden feathers, all interwoven with light. Despite its impressive size, it was set up on the day with surprising ease thanks to its modular and versatile design.

“While most of the light sculptures we create at MK Illumination don’t need to be portable, this one did. It also needed to have sufficient weight to cope with unexpected wind on the rooftop, so we were faced with the prospect of having a very heavy and very large object that we’d need to transport. Fortunately, our designers, Rachel Greene and Sally Wood, came up with an innovative way for us produce the light sculpture in two parts, which streamlined the transportation process and was easy to re-assemble on site,” said Hodson.

A lasting impact

What was also interesting to Hodson was the lasting impact the sculpture had on guests.

“I noticed that many people were sharing photos of the peacock online after the event and when I met some of the guests a few days later and they were still talking about it!  It reinforces how strong the right combination of light and design can be in creating viral publicity around a brand or event.”

The sculpture will return to the Aviary for future events. In the meantime, the peacock will be making its second appearance at the Family Attraction Expo from 6-7 November, where MK Illumination UK will be presenting exciting new ideas and designs that combine light, design and theming.

“We’d love to see you there,” said Hodson.

Learn more

For more information about how a custom-designed light sculpture can put your brand in lights and help you create unforgettable experiences at events, get in touch with your local MK Illumination Team to explore the possibilities.

For more information about the peacock and cage light sculpture, or to arrange a meeting with our team in the UK, please get in touch with Adele Hodson and her team directly at sales@mkillumination.co.uk.

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