Telling a story with light in cities
#Inspiration    05/11/2019

Telling a story with light in cities

Every city has a story to tell, and it tells its stories in myriad of different ways. The residents of the city have their own stories to tell. Museums collect and share stories with visitors.  Every building, street, park and work of public art has a history and a tale to tell.

The challenge is that not all of these stories are immediately accessible: there is so much information out there and so many different ways to access that information that people are overwhelmed. The good news is that there is a wonderful way to connect people with the stories in your city or from your culture. We call them Light Stories, and unsurprisingly, they are a combination of light, design and local storytelling.

You can use light to tell stories in many different ways:

  • Create a Light Park filled with characters, motifs and experiences that tell your story
  • Use individual light sculptures and light art to bring local features or history to life
  • Use light art to tell fairy tales or folk tales
  • Craft a light sculpture to bring a popular event to life
  • Turn a sporting event into an illuminating experience with light art
  • Create a story trail, where each light display tells visitors a bit more of the story

The possibilities are endless and the results satisfying. People love to engage with light and stories, alone and in groups, which means more visitors to your city and increased visibility online.


Deventer, Holland

In Deventer, NL, a custom-designed light sculpture of Scrooge is used as part of their annual Dickens Festival.

Rhodt, Germany

In Rhodt, Germany, children can see their favorite fairy tales lit up, and follow the characters whilst retelling the stories with friends and family.

Innsbruck, Austria

In Innsbruck’s old city, there is a curious intersection called “Vier Viecher Eck“ (Four Critters Corner), so-called because each corner features a guesthouse represented by a different name. A light sculpture brings this curious piece of local knowledge to life.

Perth, Australia

In Perth, a friendly kangaroo makes it quite clear to visitors that they are in a whole new world, populated by wonderful animals and wonderful stories.

Wuppertal, Germany

In Wuppertal, a 3D representation of a light-studded elephant reminds visitors of Tuffi, a female circus elephant who leapt from the Wuppertal Suspension Railway into the River Wupper underneath in 1950.

Dubai, UAE

In Dubai, hanging fanous (lanterns) remind visitors that it’s Ramadan and give them light in public spaces with which to celebrate the breaking of the fast each day.

Vancouver, Canada

In English Bay Luna the Whale reminds visitors of the story of a much-loved orca whale.

Lohja, Finland

Lohja is Finland's second-largest apple producing region and on Lohja island there is even an apple winery. These giant light apples make sure that’s not forgotten.

Koper, Slovenia

The seaside town of Koper tells the story of its seafaring history with light motifs like this anchor.

Seefeld, Austria

In Seefeld, Tirol, no one could forget an upcoming ski event thanks to the presence of a luminous ski jumper.

We have many more examples of how simple light motifs can tell stories about a city, and case studies that show just how powerful a series of light art can be when it comes to telling multiple stories whilst engaging and connecting Visitors.

Love what you see? Want to know more?

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