Using light to control visitor flow at IFC Mall, Seoul
#Retail Real Estate    12/12/2019

Using light to control visitor flow at IFC mall Seoul

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A few months ago, we spoke about how shopping centers can use a trail of light to control visitor flow AND create an interactive experience that drives footfall and increases media exposure. Today, we’d like to give you a little taste of how this can be done.

IFC Mall is a large shopping center in Seoul and over the winter season, they wanted to create an attraction that would draw people from across the city and take them on a guided tour of their mall using light as the guide. Working with our team at MK Illumination Korea, the center created a month-long lighting event called the Mystic Island Lighting Festival, and they invited people to come to the center to enjoy 10 illuminated “story spots” inside the mall as well as in its outdoor spaces.

The 10 “story spots” on the trail

Visitors were encouraged to:

  • take a walk on the Mystic Road
  • take a selfie in front of the Gift Box
  • kiss your loved-one beneath the Mistletoe
  • marvel at the Calling Baby Moose
  • have a party with a Moose Family
  • bathe in the light of two Mystic Tunnels
  • experience the power of the Mystic Stag
  • wander through the Mystic Forest
  • shop along the Mystic Way and
  • enjoy the magic of the Mystic Unicorn

The event’s grand opening attracted visitors from across the city, and since its opening, Mystic Island has become a popular attraction for families, groups of friends, and even for “social media influencers” keen to take selfies of themselves in front of the spectacular light motifs and light sculptures on display.

Year-round potential to drive footfall and boost revenues

The Mystic Island will remain in place over December, but light trails in shopping centers are innovative solutions that can help centers and malls drive footfall, manage visitor flow, support seasonal campaigns and raise their profile locally and online. With a regularly changing theme, some clever marketing tie-ins and features that actively encourage shoppers to engage with the displays and surrounding shops, center managers have a real opportunity to please shoppers, tenants and center owners.

Need some ideas to get you thinking? How about:

  • Dragons and lanterns for Chinese New Year (January 2020)
  • Hearts and romantic photo points for Valentine’s Day (February 2020)
  • Spring gardens, over-sized flowers and  fun photo points for Spring & Easter (March-May)

The only limit is your imagination

Let your imagination run wild and you’ll see how a light trail can help you create unique events and experiences that keep people coming back for more. Why not get in touch with your local MK Illumination team to explore the possibilities?

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