Grimm’s Fairy Tale Christmas 

The city of Kassel offers a whole range of historic monuments and locations, and is especially famous because of the brothers Grimm, who spent a good thirty years of their lives in the city during their “most active and possibly most fruitful times of their working lives”. It was during this time that many of their famous fairytales were created. For Christmas decorations for the shopping centre Dez Kassel, MK Illumination went straight to these fairytales for inspiration, and from the stories’ characters created discrete motifs for Christmas balls and individually printed banderols. The traditional green garlands and trees with elegant Christmas balls in Bordeaux, opal red and gold added a magic touch to the festive atmosphere. And between classic and modern, the Light Chair added very special charm and was especially popular for selfies.

Facade decoration with string lite curtains and garlands of the shopping center DEZ Kassel in Kassel, Germany. Christmas decoration inspired by the stories of The Brothers Grimm printed on sleeves and christmas balls with string lite curtains in the shopping center DEZ Kassel in Kassel, Germany. Display with a decorated christmas tree and 3D light sculptures of presents, a chimney and a chair inside the shopping center DEZ Kassel in Kassel, Germany.
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