Close up view of illuminated fiberglass sculpture of an unicorn at Christmasworld 2019 trade fair in the city of Frankfurt, Germany.
#Inspiration    25/01/2019

The great reveal: welcome to The Enchanted Forest

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After weeks of teasing you, we’re finally at Christmasworld and for those of you who aren’t able to join us this week, we thought we give you a quick tour to introduce you to our stand and tell you a bit about what we’ve brought along.

Experience the Extraordinary

First off, let’s talk about our over-arching theme this year: EXTRAORDINARY.

We chose this theme not because we’re egotists, but rather because we wanted to hone in on the idea that it’s time to take experiences to a new level. Consumers of all ages expect more than ever before from shopping centers, cities, and other retail spaces, and the demand for “experiences” isn’t going away. If anything, the demand is increasing across generations, and consumers are become more discerning about what a valued experience is, too.

A static decorative display in a retail space is no longer enough, for example. Instead, visitors want multi-sensory experiences that are cohesive and that tie into a wider campaign that’s executed online and offline.

We’ve included a great example of this in this year’s MK Express, where we discuss the power of what we call the “curated experience” by looking at Rødovre Centrum’s award-winning 2017/2018 “Bad Santa” campaign that combined a powerful theme, consistent lighting and decoration, and that tapped into the hearts and minds of people through different channels: online, offline, and in store.

You can read the full article in our on-stand publication, the MK Express

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Now join us for a tour of the stand

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