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As an owner-managed company, we act with the next generation in mind. For this reason, it is particularly important to us to invest in qualitative solutions, to represent ethnic values and to do business regionally.

Planning with future generations in mind

We understand the importance of focusing on sustainable growth rather than short-term profits. Our founders established a firm bedrock and their involvement remains integral to our current operations. Their unwavering commitment to innovation continues to inspire us and challenge us to forge new paths. By investing in high-quality solutions that are both environmentally and socially sustainable today, we are creating a legacy of excellence that will benefit the leaders of tomorrow.

Local and regional focus

We believe that we have a role to play in creating stable employment opportunities and contributing to the growth and prosperity of the regions in which we operate. With that in mind, we actively partner with local partners to make a positive difference in the region.

Pioneers in high-quality, sustainable products

Our unwavering commitment to producing high-quality products has been a key driver of our success and growth, and it is based on more than purely ecological considerations. As pioneers in our industry and the industry market leader for many years, we have been instrumental in increasing quality awareness and raising quality standards across the board.

Major milestones:
Since 2008: 100% LED
2011: first Organic motifs made of 40% PEFC certified wood content
2016: BUY SMART / first quality model in the industry
2017: Eco-Premium LED series. Same brightness, 50% less energy consumption
2021: MK LIGHT-CODE for the prevention of light pollution in cooperation with the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman’s Office.
2022: Organic Pro: Next generation of light motifs made of biomaterials

Our sustainability areas

Our sustainability areas


Corporate Responsibility

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For our planet

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We focus on human beings

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Moments of Happiness & Welfare

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