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We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and climate. That is why we are constantly working on the further development of environmentally and climate-friendly processes and take appropriate measures to improve the ecological footprint at our worldwide sales locations and in our production facilities.

Service Life

80% of CO2 emissions are generated during production, making durability a key criterion.

A study by external experts from Viennese environmental consultants denkstatt confirms:
MK light chains have the smallest CO2 footprint due to their long service life.

Classic MK fairy lights have a 36% smaller carbon footprint over their entire lifetime than comparable products, and MK Premium ECO Series fairy lights have a 52% smaller carbon footprint. For comparative products with even shorter lifetimes, the difference is up to 75% and 81% respectively.

More about the long service life →

Renewable Energy Sources

Generating your own energy with the power of the sun

OUR GOAL is to generate the energy we need ourselves from renewable sources in our logistics and production facilities by the end of 2025, thereby becoming energy self-sufficient.

The transformation is already underway:

  • USA manufacturing:
    Energy self-sufficiency achieved by the end of 2023. 75% of the surplus generated will be fed back into the grid.
  • Logistics centre Hungary:
    New PV system operational since March 2023; 70% energy self-sufficiency achieved. 100% energy self-sufficiency to be achieved by the end of 2025.
  • Manufacturing in Slovakia, Turkey and Mexico:
    Currently in planning phase. Aiming to achieve 100% energy self-sufficiency by the end of 2024.

Energy Consumption

CO2 emissions in the usage phase are low. Especially if you use LEDs – as we do.

FESTIVE LIGHTING FROM MK ILLUMINATION HAS INVOLVED 100% LED LIGHTING SINCE 2007. This reduces the power requirement considerably: LED delivers an 80% power saving compared to conventional incandescent lamps.

We can go even lower!
With our “Premium ECO series”, it is even possible to save a further 50% electricity compared to classic LEDs. The series cuts energy consumption by half again compared to standard LEDs with the same brightness.

Festive lighting from MK Illumination involves 100% LED lighting.

More about Eco Premium →

Sustainable use of Materials

We are able to significantly reduce our carbon footprint through the use of innovative materials. We focus in particular on the use of renewable raw materials and recyclate, as well as on the use of low-carbon aluminium.

More about our sustainalbe use of materials→


Quality & sustainability are closely linked and complement each other.

BUY SMART by MK Illumination is the first grading model for decorative lighting products and motifs.

This model helps to check and evaluate essential qualitative aspects when purchasing lighting products.

More about BUY SMART→

Light Code

Festive lighting is supposed to make people happy.

That’s why it is important to avoid any negative influence on animals and people in the form of light pollution as far as possible.

Together with the Tyrolean Environmental Ombudsman’s Office, we have developed the first FESTIVE LIGHTING CODE in the industry as part of the “Plight with Light” project funded by the European Union. It provides clear guidelines on avoiding light pollution.

The Festive Lighting Code illustrates WHERE, WHEN and HOW festive decorative lighting should be used.

More about our Light Code→


We pack all lighting products with unbleached paper, or by means of a protective wooden construction in the case of large light motifs.

In the process:

  • We pack in a way that saves as much space as possible – this reduces resources and saves on unnecessary transport
  • We do not use any filling material
  • We do not use environmentally harmful inks for printing



We transport 90% of our lighting products from Asia by ship or rail.

We compensate for any unavoidable emissions that still result through certified climate-protection projects via our logistics partner.

Regional production saves additional transport.

We build our light sculptures in our own factories. Primarily on the continent where they will be used. This reduces unnecessary transport.

Sustainable planning.

Fewer kilometres driven means reduced fuel consumption and so lower CO2 emissions. Efficient logistics planning lets us cut transport distances.

Our sustainability areas

Our sustainability areas


Corporate Responsibility

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For our planet

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We focus on human beings

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Moments of Happiness & Welfare

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