We make people happy


Everything that we do is motivated by our desire to make people happy, using light as a medium. We are mindful that light is more than a “nice-to-have” or a mood enhancer: light creates sustainable communities and we consider this part of our societal responsibility.

Our societal responsibility includes:

Facilitating moments of connection

Our lighting products and displays allow us to work in public spaces where we can create feel-good experiences that lead to serendipitous connections. Meeting other people and forging human connections, no matter how brief, makes people happy.

Happy moments are good for health

We use the positive effect of light to increase well-being and enjoyment of life – research tells us what we’ve known for years: light can improve quality of life. Happy people are not only healthier, but studies show that they live longer, too.

Making hope “eye-visible”

We use light to convey messages of hope and peace.

Supporting social safety

Light in public spaces contributes significantly to social safety in cities, and we’re delighted to be part of the creation of these safe spaces.

Our sustainability areas

Our sustainability areas


Corporate Responsibility

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For our planet

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We focus on human beings

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Moments of Happiness & Welfare

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