Light sculpture of a giant stag, with string lite decorated trees, facade and banister of a private house in the city of Ringsted, Denmark.
Enlightening your Vision

MK Illumination Sales

MK Illumination Denmark combines local knowledge and global expertise to create True Light Experiences and Themed World Experiences that provide real moments of happiness. 

We offer an extensive range of custom-manufactured commercial lighting products and motifs as well as tailor-made lighting solutions for retail real estate, shopping centers, leisure, tourism and public spaces.

If you’d like to see more of our work, take a look at our portfolio, which features hundreds of our professional festive, Christmas and year-round lighting installations.

Let’s connect. We’d love to show you how we can transform your space with light.

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Customized solutions

present your project in the best possible light

long life & energy efficient

MK Illumination convinces with safe, legal, efficient and sustainable products.

Quick & easy installation

MK Illumination light chains can be mounted quickly and easily.



Jan Jørgensen

Purchase and Logistics Manager

+45 57 67 34 88
+45 20 99 05 88

For more information about MK Illumination, our approach and values, and our products please visit our website.

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