Energy and Cost efficient

Premium Eco Series

Same look & quality – 50% less energy


Get the Premium Eco LED for the same purchase price as the classic MK Premium LED light chain until December 31, 2023!

Our Premium Eco series is the development of our conventional light products and offers numerous advantages. With our Eco products, you can achieve a great effect in an energy- and cost-efficient way, as the products offer the same luminosity with half the power consumption.

With the light chains of our Premium Eco Series, you will not only save electricity costs and reduce your energy consumption compared to the classic Premium LEDs, our Premium Eco products also impress with their unique purchase price, which is still valid until the end of the year. This promotional deal is particularly interesting because you get the Eco product for the same price as a comparable/adequate standard product. If there is no comparable/adequate standard product for your selected Premium Eco product, you will receive the Premium Eco product at a 7% price discount.

If you do not have any Premium Eco products yet, then we suggest to upgrade now! After all, by using our Premium Eco light chains, you’re not only contributing to a better environment, you’re also reducing your costs at the same time.

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Less than little power consumption

Bulb (100%) -> LED (80% less) -> ECO Premium (at least 50% less than classic LED)

Homogeneous light color & same brightness

Like our classic Premium LED light chain, the Premium Eco is also available in sparkling warm white and shiny brilliant white

Long life cycle

MK light chains are characterized by having the longest life cycle on the market. 80% of CO2 emissions are generated during production. Therefore, a long life cycle does not only save money but also contributes to saving the environment.

Compatible with all QuickFix TM connectors

This enables easy assembly and disassembly.

IP 67 Protection class

This protection class defines that the device is dust-tight, as well as protected against temporary immerson in water up to a maximum depth of one meter, for a maximum time of 30 minutes.

Double sealing ring system

The standard sealing ring is supplemented with a lamellar sealing ring, which provides good protection for the light chain.

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