LED Drape Lite® 300

Cable color

Product description

Product description
High-intensity light, from multiple points - Drape Lites® are a well-known favorite for light curtains, with many varied uses. The main support cable, to which the individual light strings are attached at an angle of 90°, is 2m long. With the aid of the patented QuickFix™ System, several main support cables can be connected to one another without problems - this can be 3-26 units, according to the exact product chosen. Individual light curtains can be obtained in the lengths 1.5m, 3m and 6m, which, again dependent on model, shine with 300-1200 patented LED points of light. The LEDs are attached to the light strings at 15cm intervals. Each string can be individually replaced.

Drape Lites® are the solution that shines, thanks to the high-intensity light they give off from myriad tiny points. They present a smooth look with an elegant, calm and atmospheric effect. The LEDs are available in various colors. Drape Lite®, the professional choice for light curtains, is perfectly suited for all surface areas, from small to large. In addition, the light curtain can be attached to a variety of frames, whilst multiple strings, bundled together, are a first-class decoration for places like entrance doors and windows. Using cable ties to attach individual strings at different heights creates a dynamic display.

Technical Data

  • Length:
    200 cm
  • product.details.labelForField.strandQuantity:
  • Bulbs per strand:
  • Operation voltage:
    220-240 V
  • Segment length:
    200 cm
  • Strand length:
    150 cm
  • Watt:
    35 W
  • Amount segments:
  • Height:
    150 cm
  • Max. Connections:
  • Operationg mode:
  • Main Voltage:
    220-240 V
  • Quickfix compatible:
  • Watt per segment:
    35 W


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