In-house Manufacturing

We own manufacturing facilities in Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Turkiye, UK, the US, and the Philippines. In addition, we have facilities in Italy, Mexico and South Africa to supply local markets directly and reduce transport distances.

In order to ensure the highest level of quality we are not only working with patented LEDs with the longest life time on the market, we are also eager to regularly test not only the quality of components but also the quality of the final products. To provide guidelines for quality, we have launched the first festive lighting quality model, BUY SMART.

Handcrafted perfection

We are both a manufacturer and a distributor, and this sets us apart from others in our sector. 

We have full control over every aspect of the manufacturing process, from design and technical innovation to quality control. The result? The products and solutions that we deliver to our customers are of the highest grade possible.

Our skilled employees are essential in helping us meet and maintain our high product and quality standards. In line with our social commitments, our people are fairly compensated and have everything that they need to work safely, in accordance with international safety regulations. 

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Our own in-house Manufacturing and Assembling/Logistics Facilities in Europe


Our own in-house Manufacturing and Assembling/Logistics Facilities around the World

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