The quality of life. Light affects communities and people. Light is a symbol of hope and optimism. Light makes public spaces feel safe. Here at MK Illumination, our guiding principle is to use light and décor to create a welcoming atmosphere and to make people happy. But what does it mean to be happy? 

Years of research suggests that good human relationships are an essential aspect of “being happy”. Long-term studies like the Harvard study have reinforced this finding, which remains constant regardless of people differences. 


“The lights cause this neurological shift that can induce feelings of happiness...,”
Deborah Serani, Psychologist, Award-winning Author and Professor at New York’s Adelphi University.

The Three Pillars: How Light Affects Emotions

Light – a symbol for hope and solidarity

Light is also known as a symbol of solidarity. From this, it’s clear to see that light is a sign of hope and peace in our society - a common denominator that fosters unity instead of division.

This means that spaces and venues of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of the positive attributes of festive lighting to offer people a chance to come together to share joyful experiences that transcend, cultural backgrounds or beliefs.

Making spaces feel safe

Light in public spaces makes a significant contribution to creating a feeling of safety in cities. Being part of initiatives that make spaces feel safer is important to us.  

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