We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and climate change. That is why we are constantly working on the development of environmentally- and climate-friendly processes. We seek and take appropriate measures to reduce our ecological impact at our worldwide sales locations and in our production facilities.


MK Illumination’s BUY SMART is the first evaluation model for our decorative lighting products. This model will help you check and evaluate crucial quality aspects when buying lighting products. It is based on four criterias: Safety, legality, efficiency and sustainability.

Our continuous quality control is ensured along the entire production process until the final inspection of the finished product. Is not only verified by MK’s in-house quality assurance laboratory, but also by certified testing laboratories. 

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Sustainable use of materials

Many of our products are made of renewable raw materials, recyclate, and innovative materials like low-carbon aluminium. This means that your atmospheric lighting’s  environmental impact is lower   that it would be using  conventional materials, thanks to the reduced carbon footprint of both lighting and decorations.

Curious? We’d love to give you the facts and figures.

Product Lifetime

Did you know that 80% of CO2 emissions occur during production? We design our products to last so that you can use them year-on-year, and keep your place-making emissions as low as possible. You’ll also be helping to conserve resources and reduce waste.

Want to know more? We’d love to share the research that shows how our products can help keep your CO2 footprint low.

Energy Consumption - Premium & Eco Premium

It's important that your festive and atmospheric lighting uses as little energy as possible to keep energy costs and CO2 emissions as low as possible. Fortunately, we've been working on this since as early as 2008, when we switched to using 100% low-energy LEDs in our lighting solutions. We're constantly innovating, too, and our Premium Eco series reduces energy use by a further 50% of energy savings without losing brightness. That means that our lighting products are good for your budget and good for the planet, too.

Interested in how to get the best quality lighting with low energy consumption? We'd love to tell you more.

Renewable Energy 

Some of our logistics and production sites already have photovoltaic systems and we are constantly working on expanding them. Our goal is to use only electricity from clean energy sources by 2025.  That means that the products we use in your lighting solutions will be produced using renewable energy, which reduces the environmental impact of your place-making activities.

Want to track our progress? We're happy to share more information about our journey to being powered by green energy.


To minimise our transport-related emissions, we do three things: produce locally wherever possible; use efficient logistics planning to reduce transport time and distances; and transport 90% of our Asian-produced lighting products using ship or rail. We also compensate for any unavoidable emissions through certified climate protection projects. That means that your lighting products reach you efficiently, with as low as possible transportation emissions.

Interested in the details? We have a detailed logistics strategy that we're happy to share.


We're on a mission to make our packaging as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. We have eliminated the need for filling material and use exclusively unbleached paper in our packaging. We have perfected the art of "space-saving" packing. Large-scale light sculptures are protected in wooden constructions. Now we're working on a solution to remove plastics from all our technical accessories. This means that your festive lighting products arrive undamaged, and in packaging that results in less waste, and lower CO2 emissions from materials and transportation.

Curious? Let us tell you more about how our packaging is reducing impact.

Minimizing light pollution

In 2021, we co-created the first FESTIVE LIGHT CODE in the industry, working with the Tirolean Environmental Ombudsman’s Office,  which has been working on solutions to prevent light pollution for two decades and combines scientific expertise with practical experience in the Tyrolean Competence Center for Light Pollution and Night Skies (Helle Not).  This LIGHT CODE helps  us to  create unforgettable experiences that make people happy and avoid the effects of light pollution, too.

Interested in how we use the FESTIVE LIGHT CODE? We'd love to tell you more.

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