Sustainability and positive impact start with the leaders in our company. It’s our decisions and commitments that will guide us in the right direction, and the three areas that we focus on are: mindful planning for the future, local and regional impact, and pioneering high-quality, sustainable products. 

Planning with future generations in mind

As an owner-managed business, we're invested in seventh-generation thinking. That means that we make sure that the decisions we make today - about sustainable growth, high-quality solutions, and constant innovation - will benefit the leaders of tomorrow. When we work together to create unforgettable festive and atmospheric lighting for your space, you can rest assured that sustainable thinking is embedded in our solutions.

Want to know more? We'd be happy to share more about how we think AND how we're translating thinking into action.

Adding value where we’re based

We are committed to making a positive impact in the places where we work. We comply with local tax regulations and legal obligations, champion ethical and fair working practices, and add value where we work by contributing to building strong and vibrant communities. When we work together to create festive lighting solutions for your space, you will be investing in the people and systems in your community as well as in atmosphere lighting.

Pioneering high-quality, sustainable products

As pioneers in the festive and atmospheric lighting sector, we have challenged the status quo and increased quality awareness and quality standards across the board. The result? Environmental and economic improvements in the industry. The thing is that we are never satisfied: we always want to improve and innovate. Our customers enjoy lighting products and festive solutions that feature enhancements in quality, performance, design, cost efficiency and sustainability, long before they become the industry standard. 

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