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Visitors often choose to visit hotels, restaurants, bars and leisure businesses on a whim, so making the right impression is essential. We use carefully planned lighting and design to help businesses stand out from the crowd, creating a warm and friendly welcome that invites visitors to step in.

Make your guests feel welcome

Find out more about how we can transform your hotel, restaurant or tourist attraction into a magical wonderland that welcomes their guests and visitors with a heartwarming atmosphere.

What makes us unique

No business is too small

Over the years, we’ve helped a wide variety of leisure businesses use light and design to create mood and atmosphere.

These include hotels, restaurants, bars, amusement parks, and tourist attractions of all shapes and sizes. Let us use our experience and insights to help you.

Indoor and outdoor solutions

Our indoor and outdoor lighting and décor can be used to create elegant highlights as well as unforgettable displays.

Our unique motifs attract crowds all year round, and thanks to our energy-saving lighting, keep costs sensible, too. 

Stand out from the crowd

Use exterior lighting to turn your business into a local landmark. Harness the power of décor and interior lighting to that invite people to visit and stay longer.

Let's make it local and unique, and set you apart from your competition.

Let us inspire you!

Feel-good atmosphere and lasting memories!

Hear What Others Are Saying About Us

MK Illumination’s contemporary festive lighting concept, with its warm color, highlights this homely atmosphere, especially during the winter season. We have worked with MK Illumination for many years and this partnership is based on good cooperation, personal engagement, eagerness to be helpful and mutual trust!

We were one of the first hotels that gave Christmas atmosphere a new dimension with festive lighting from MK Illumination. That was about twenty years ago: our guests liked it then and they still like it today. That's why we'll stay true to MK Illumination. The way that the company has developed is impressive, but comes as no surprise to us because over the years, we have always appreciated the high quality products, their contemporary ideas and their great service.

We have collaborated with MK Illumination Denmark and their sister company, Création Group, for many years - not only over Christmas but also in connection with other occasions and holidays throughout the calendar year. I am very pleased with the way in which we work together and feel that MK Illumination always makes a great effort to meet the wishes and visions of the Rødovre Center.

The facade and figure lighting delivered by MK Themed Attractions (formerly Tema Design by MK Illumination) is one of the key elements for Europa-Park. It creates the right atmosphere and the right setting for our 14 European themed lands and 100+ attractions. This lighting emphasizes the beauty of each park and, at the same time, becomes an attraction of its own.

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