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MK Illumination Canada combines local knowledge and global expertise to create True Light Experiences and Themed World Experiences that provide real moments of happiness. 

We offer an extensive range of custom-manufactured commercial lighting products and motifs as well as tailor-made lighting solutions for retail real estate, shopping centers, leisure, tourism and public spaces.

You might have already seen some of our lighting displays at Cadillac Fairview & Ivanhoé Cambridge Shopping Centres, Oxford Properties Office Buildings and Montreal Notre-Dame Basilica.

If you’d like to see more of our work, take a look at our portfolio, which features hundreds of our professional festive, Christmas and year-round lighting installations.

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Thanks to you, we’ve been able to transform the downtown winter experience like never before. And this is just the beginning! » Glenn Castanheira, Executive Director, SDC Centre-ville Montréal

MK Illumination continues to demonstrate a high level of service across various decor requirements. Organized, reliable and values partnership / business relationship with CF. » Allanah Shields-Thompson, Senior Manager, Experience Cadillac Fairview Corporation

MK Illumination met the challenge of providing a unique and timeless design for the décor in Sam Pollock Square at Brookfield Place. » Franca Bellisario, Director, Marketing & Special Events, Brookfield Place Brookfield Office Properties, Toronto, Ontario

The quality of Slate’s custom products were thoughtfully designed by MK’s design team to meet our community and project goals. (…) Their professionalism and innovative ideas makes working with them a pleasure year after year. » Madeline Sarracini, Slate Asset Management

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Donwtown Montréal

A magical and unforgettable winter
2022 in Montréal

MK Illumination Canada orchestrated a winter transformation in the heart of downtown Montreal. Facing a persistent decline exacerbated by the pandemic, the city was desperately seeking a fresh start. The stunning illumination proposed by MK Illumination Canada was the answer to this call, inspiring admiration and awe among residents and visitors alike.


The story begins in a difficult context. In 2020, downtown's commercial streets were gradually emptying, with nearly a third of the premises vacant. The Relançons MTL project, launched by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, had been an attempt to revitalize the area. With the introduction in 2021 of MK Illumination Canada's initiative, the horizon seemed to brighten.


The mandate given to MK Illumination Canada was ambitious but crucial: to create a high-quality lighting experience to enhance downtown's appeal to all potential markets, whether residents, tourists, or business owners. The team then embarked on designing a bespoke project, drawing on its international expertise to create artistic installations that were as impressive as they were innovative.

The result exceeded all expectations. Illuminated mythical creatures, shimmering arches, trees adorned with a thousand lights, and many other wonders transformed the urban landscape into a magical spectacle. Every detail was carefully planned to create an immersive and unforgettable experience, captivating the imagination of those who strolled through the streets.


The outcomes were spectacular. Traffic counters recorded a significant increase in foot traffic, while a survey revealed that the vast majority of respondents were impressed by the light installations. The business owners praised the positive impact on their activity, highlighting the increased attractiveness of downtown for their customers.


Accolades came from all directions. Government representatives, tourism stakeholders, and community leaders all hailed the initiative as an essential catalyst for downtown's revitalization. This winter illumination became much more than just an art project; it became a symbol of a city in full renaissance, ready to welcome the world with brilliance.


In conclusion, the story of Montreal's winter illumination is one of transformation where creativity and ingenuity breathed new life into a declining neighborhood. The project was so successful that the set improved over time with gradual additions in 2022, 2023, and 2024. It is a story of hope, unity, and resilience, demonstrating the power of light to illuminate our cities and our lives, even in the darkest times.


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Shopping Centers - Cadillac Fairview Corporation / Canada

Filling 20 Shopping Centers with Holiday Cheer with
Festive Decorative Lighting

The Cadillac Fairview Corporation owns, operates and develops one of the most prestigious and important commercial building portfolios in North America. Valued at more than $28 billion, their Canadian portfolio includes over 38 million square feet of leasable space at 67 properties in Canada.

They wanted to transform 20 of their commercial centers for the festive season using festive lighting and decoration. They were seeking a festive decorative lighting supplier who could not only design, manufacture and install original, themed concepts in each of their centers, but a supplier who could also manage the disassembly, maintenance and storage of the interior and exterior décor. In short, they wanted to work with a creative, innovative supplier who could offer a full-service approach and deliver a unique visual experience for their almost 45 million visitors.

MK Illumination Canada East won the three-year contact for the project alongside a second supplier, Studio Artefact, by offering a complete solution that other suppliers were unable to compete with.

Each of the 20 centers are leaders in their respective markets, and with that in mind, MK Illumination knew that it was essential that each center’s festive decorative lighting was tailor-made to enhance the space and facade to create a visual experience that resonated with visitors. The centers all formed part of the Cadillac Fairview Corporation, so it was also necessary to ensure that there was a consistent theme running through each of the centers, too.

To achieve this, MK Illumination Canada worked closely with the client’s creative and marketing team, helping them turn their creative vision into reality.

MK Illumination’s team produced over 400 decorative items, delivering showstopper pieces ranging from opulent, oversized floor decoration and lighting that included walk-through ornaments and LED woodland creatures like reindeer and moose, to stunning customized suspended embellishments. They also delivered festive outdoor fireside lounges, equipping spaces with fire pits where guests could warm up, relax and enjoy the fireside ambience on Muskoka chairs and benches whilst enjoying food and filling up on holiday cheer from participating vendors.

Decorating the 20 centers took place over 13 days. The installation took place outside of business hours and involved installing items that often needed to suspend in mid-air in a safe and efficient manner. Thanks to careful planning and a thorough installation plan, the project was delivered on time and the lights were switched on to much applause in early November.

The Cadillac Fairview Corporation and their centers were all thrilled the results and saw an increase of visitors over the holiday period whilst the lighting and decoration was in place.

Co-ordinating 20 lighting concepts, all unique and all with a common thread, was a challenge that our team rose to admirably. We were able to create something that both the clients and their visitors love, on time, within budget and to client specifications, which is largely thanks to our years of experience of supplying festive lighting and dealing with tricky timescales,” said Jacinthe Guénette, Managing Director of MK Illumination Canada East.

The centers were filled with festive atmosphere and Christmas cheer, which – combined with MK Illumination’s attention to detail and customer service – resulted in a happy client and the award of future projects.

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