MK Illumination Slovenia

MK Illumination Slovenia was founded in 2018 and combines local knowledge and global expertise to create True Light Experiences that simply make people happy. We offer an extensive range of high-quality products and motifs, manufactured in-house, as well as tailor-made festive, Christmas and year-round lighting solutions for cities and public spaces, shopping centers, hotel and leisure businesses, airports and train stations, corporate organisations, traveling amusements, and festivals.

We also offer combined lighting, design and fiberglass expertise that brings attractions of all shapes and sizes to life in our MK Themed Attractions division.

You might have already seen some of our work at Koper City, Velenje City, and UŠĆE Shopping Center. You may also be familiar with some of our international installations, like the City of Innsbruck, My Ziel Shopping Centre in Frankfurt, and Ferragama Fifth Avenue in New York, USA. If you’d like to see more examples of what we’ve done, take a look at our portfolio, which features a selection of some of the thousands of projects delivered worldwide.

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MK Illumination Slovenia

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MK Illumination d.o.o.
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