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MK Illumination Poland was founded in 2005 and combines local knowledge and global expertise to create True Light Experiences that simply make people happy. We offer an extensive range of high quality products and motifs, manufactured in-house, as well as tailor-made festive, Christmas and year-round lighting solutions for shopping centres, airports, and public spaces.

We also offer combined lighting, design and fiberglass expertise that brings attractions of all shapes and sizes to life in our MK Themed Attractions division.

You might have already seen some of our work at Forum Gliwice, Galeria Stara Ujeżdżalnia in Jarosław, Galeria Piastów in Legnica, Designer Outlet Warszawa, Designer Outlet Gdańsk, Designer Outlet Sosnowiec, Galeria Kaskada in Szczecin. If you’d like to see more examples of what we’ve done, take a look at our portfolio, which features a selection of some of the thousands of projects delivered worldwide.

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4 steps to a stunning effect

1. Let us get to know you
Each decoration project is tailor-made, so before we start designing we want to get to know the project site better, including: branding, positioning of the venue, interior architecture, history of the building, floor area, characteristic elements, preferred style, budget, possible architectural constraints. We visit many of the venues ourselves to take photos of the interiors and learn about the advantages of the premises. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions. Thanks to them, the final result will be dazzling.

2. Let yourself be enchanted
We turn our ideas into visualisations so that you can picture the end result before we start the project. Our team prepares a whole list of the themes used, their characteristics and pricing. We listen to your comments and make adjustments. We make sure that our decorations look beautiful, both during the day and in the evening.

3. Let us do the work
All decorations are created using unique technologies of MK Illumination in Poland and other branches of our company, spread all over the world. The decorations are produced using durable materials which will look beautiful for many years. Our designs are based on energy-saving LED lighting, so you do not have to worry about the stringent energy standards for buildings.

4. See how your interiors are filled with light
Depending on the size of the project, it takes us from a few hours to several days to install the decorations. We can provide servicing of the decorations throughout their lifetime. In the case of projects for shopping centres, we often do the work at night or on Sundays, so that customers can do their shopping without any interruptions and be pleasantly surprised by the final result. A space filled with our decorations creates a unique atmosphere and a wow effect that makes everyone want to stay longer.

Jarosław / Poland

Galeria Stara Ujeżdżalnia in Jarosław

Legnica / Poland

Galeria Piastów in Legnica


Forum Gliwice

Szczecin / Poland

Galeria Kaskada in Szczecin


Designer Outlet Sosnowiec

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