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MK Illumination is a company that specializes in providing creative lighting solutions for Christmas and other seasonal celebrations and events throughout the year. We help retailers and cities to enhance their spaces with light, design, and decoration, in order to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary destinations. Our services include:

  • Developing and implementing creative lighting concepts, from initial ideas to design, production, installation, and ongoing support
  • Offering a variety of lighting and fiberglass products
  • Providing creative concepts and products for amusement parks and other themed attractions. All of our services are provided from our local office in Australia. 

In addition, our Australian office offers a range of creative solutions for flagship stores, corporate buildings, leisure businesses, airports, and railway stations. We are proud of our international portfolio which showcases our ability to deliver creative solutions to different cultures, languages, and environments. If you’d like to see more examples of what we’ve done, take a look at our global portfolio, which features a selection of some of the thousands of projects delivered worldwide. This will give you a better idea of our capabilities and expertise in the field of creative lighting solutions.

Some of our notable international MK Illumination projects are:

  • Macarthur Square in Sydney, Australia
  • Saks Fifth Avenue in USA
  • Dubai Mall in UAE
  • Westfield London, UK
  • STOCKHOLMSJUL in Stockholm, Sweden
  • The city of Innsbruck, Austria
  • MyZeil shopping mall in Frankfurt, Germany 

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Shopping Center - Kellicar Lane

Festive Christmas at MacArthur Square Shopping Center

In 2019, a Christmas decorations installation was implemented at the MacArthur Square Shopping Centre in the outdoor area of Kellicar Lane. The centerpiece of the installation was a 10.4 meter high Christmas tree filled with a variety of spectacular elements and ornaments, including big different sized balls that created a beautiful photo opportunity. In addition to the tree, three 3D stags measuring 5 meters high were also installed in the area.

To enhance the cozy look and feel of the space, the canopy of the restaurants was surrounded with ice-light and the trees were wrapped with string lights and adorned with organic balls. This created a spectacular display that could be captured from any angle along the lane, providing visitors with a truly festive atmosphere.

As a result of this installation, footfall in the area increased and visitors were encouraged to spend more time at the shopping centre. This provided a great opportunity for the shops and restaurants surrounding the area to take advantage of the festive season and for the shopping mall marketing team to create different activations and events.

The installation also received a great deal of engagement on social media, with many visitors sharing pictures and videos. It even made it to the top 10 list of the best Christmas decorations in New South Wales.

This installation marked the start of a successful ongoing relationship with the mall management, which has led to the upgrading of decorations with different elements every year since.

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