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MK Illumination Hong Kong was founded in 2010 and combines local knowledge and global expertise to create True Light Experiences that simply make people happy. We offer an extensive range of high-quality products and motifs, manufactured in-house, as well as tailor-made festive, Christmas and year-round lighting solutions for cities, shopping centers, tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, airports and corporate businesses.

We also offer combined lighting, design and fiber-glass expertise that brings attractions of all shapes and sizes to life in our MK Themed Attractions division.

You might have already seen some of our work at Ruihong Tiandi, Shanghai; Taikoo Li Sanlitum, Beijing; and XinTianDi, Shanghai. You may also be familiar with some of our international installations, like Europark Saltzburg, Austria; Jeju Art Park, Jeju Island, Korea; and SAKS Fith Avenue, New York, USA. If you’d like to see more examples of what we’ve done, take a look at our portfolio, which features a selection of some of the thousands of projects delivered worldwide.

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Shopping Center - Ruihong Tiandi / China

A breath-taking 3D lighting installation at Ruihong Tiandi

Ruihong Tiandi – dubbed “the third Xintiandi in Shanghai” (the second one being The Hub) – is the largest international community development within Shanghai’s inner ring. In 2017, the second phase of development was completed and “Hall of the Moon” was opened in June 2017 as a platform to nurture and promote Chinese designers.

To celebrate the Lumieres Shanghai festival and Ruihong Tiandi’s winter music festival, Ruihong Tiandi wanted to fill “Hall of the Moon” with color and atmosphere, and offer visitors a unique visual experience whilst raising the profile of the mall online and offline.

The theme chosen for the celebration was “nature”, and in initial discussions with MK Illumination China, it soon became clear that the client hoped to decorate 3 trees in the garden area with creative lighting.

MK Illumination explored the idea and quickly discovered that the trees were both rare and fragile. The team immediately began to explore alternative ideas that would embody the idea of nature and captures the spirit of the mall itself without damaging any of the delicate flora in the garden.

The design proposed to the client came from MK Illumination’s Peter Rimak, a vibrant, colorful work of light art that told a visual story about a hummingbird in the garden beneath a full moon entitled “Moonlight Still”. Each element of the lighting display was created to enhance the space and complement the existing natural elements in the garden, and

the combination of the lighting sculptures and spotlights turned the space into a magical night-time place.

Ruihong Tiandi was pleased with not only the lighting display, but with the effect: the 3D sculptures attracted visitors to “Hall of Moon”, and they were constantly impressed with the scale and design of “Moonlight Still”, taking and sharing photos of the display, enjoying the celebratory atmosphere and the visual experience that only lighting can create.

Terry Yin, MK Illumination China’s account manager, was also pleased with the result.

We worked hard to understand what the client wanted to achieve, and in spite of being unable to work with their trees as originally planned, we were able to interpret their needs and deliver a lighting concept that genuinely enhanced their mall and complemented the theme of the festivities.

The celebration and Rimaks’ design, in particular, were mentioned extensively in the local press and even on Shanghai’s government portal.

We’ve proven our ability to deliver the right solution for Ruihong Tiandi, building on our strengths, and this has resulted in a strong and hopefully long-lasting relationship,” said Yin.

The lighting will continue to appear in “Hall of the Moon” for 3 years.

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