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There have been seas of light, a vision that thousands of people across the globe have initiated again and again in recent months as a symbol of solidarity. And it illustrates one thing – that light is a sign of hope and peace in our society, a common denominator that emphasises that which unites us over that which divides us.

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For our 2022 annual campaign, we at MK Illumination have opted firmly for the credo of “Togetherness”. As the world’s leading manufacturer of festive decorative lighting we are sending a clear signal against division, loneliness within one’s own four walls and the way societies are drifting apart. A powerful message for cohesion, a joint commitment to our planet, and an encouraging and positive outlook for the future. It is precisely because of all these positive associations that festive light displays are a wonderful instrument for attracting people to a spot, giving them a good time, inviting them to linger and – the thing that is so important in times like these – bringing them together again.

Light does something to us humans. It influences our emotions, our cognition and our spatial perception as well as having a considerable impact on our mood, as the study by “Smart Light Engineering”* plainly demonstrates yet again. Light is THE medium with which it is easiest to reach people.

“80% of information comes through visual perception, but this is largely unconscious”, explains Christian Bartenbach, a pioneer in lighting design.

Used correctly, it puts people in a good mood, which in turn has a positive effect on how long they linger and ultimately on their buying behaviour. So it is not hard to fathom why festive lighting is indispensable, especially in the year’s darkest season – and especially for traditional celebrations such as Christmas.

“The lights cause this neurological shift that can induce feelings of happiness”, confirms psychologist, award-winning author and professor at New York’s Adelphi University, Deborah Serani.

This is just the time it is essential for venues to take advantage of the positive attributes of festive lighting and help give people a unifying moment of happiness, regardless of their different cultures, attitudes or beliefs. Public spaces also benefit from this: Lighting displays breathe life into city centres and shopping centres alike, making them a key factor for local shops, bars and restaurants. Exciting lighting concepts are not only an important way of satisfying people’s ever-increasing hunger for experiences, they also provide good content for successful marketing communication and location promotion. Social media can be successfully integrated into lighting concepts through interactive concepts.

*“Retail Psychology” study – SLE, Smart Light Engineering, Slovakia

TOGETHER for our planet

As Mother Nature has taught us in recent years, it is not only necessary to stand up for each other, but also to stand together against climate change. Festive lighting, for all its positive symbolism, must not be at the expense of our climate. Studies clearly show that the longer a light feature is used, the less it pollutes the environment. The majority of emissions in the area of festive lighting occur during the production and usage phases. Here, too, MK continues to set the benchmarks for the market. The latest studies** from last year once again confirm that MK fairy lights have a significantly longer service life than other lighting products on the market. The longer service life is reflected in a reduced need for new products and resources, which in turn noticeably reduces emissions.

** Product Carbon Footprint by Lichterketten, conducted with denkstatt, Vienna. 2021

In terms of materials, a decade has already passed since MK developed its first organic motifs, and the considerable amount of wood they contain has saved tons of plastic over the years. Gentle on the environment and with a natural wood look – these are the two key aspects that successfully distinguish MK’s Organic series. Now, thanks to a new manufacturing process, Organic Pro presents the next generation of light motifs made of organic materials in completely new creative forms – more diverse, more colourful and even more contextually friendly.

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TOGETHER we can achieve more

Here at MK Illumination we are proud to celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, and we have  set ourself a number of goals for the future. The company will remain true to its previous recipe for happiness, namely to design and present light in its most beautiful, aesthetic form while adopting a values-driven approach and capitalising on the positive effect that light has on people.

The family-run company, with its 970 staff worldwide, is committed to steady growth and financial independence – possible only in cooperation with its customers, reliable partners and a motivated team. The best achievements, after all, are the successes we experience together.

Your local team

Our regionality allows us to respond optimally to your wishes and concerns. Due to our local proximity, we can offer you the best service and also bring valuable know-how on global trends from the worldwide MK Illumination network.

Our diverse product portfolio and our extraordinary stagings create a festive atmosphere and leave joyful memories with your viewers worldwide.

Be inspired by the variety of lighting experiences in our gallery. We look forward to transforming your venue into a true lighting experience with our products and creative concepts.


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