Das Schloss, Berlin, Germany

A welcoming atmosphere and fantastic memories!

The contemplative and festive atmosphere at the Das Schloss shopping centre in Berlin-Steglitz comes all by itself. The Gothic-style town hall blends in perfectly with the shopping centre's façade. The design of the façade is unmistakably based on the department stores of the 19th century. It is easy to forget the time and take your time shopping for Christmas presents.

Following the American example, this feeling is supported by glittering light displays. A huge ribbon wraps around the façade of the centre. Warm white and brilliant white light curtains and 2D snowflake motifs add to the effect. Inside the mall, oversized star-shaped globes adorn the columns. 

This inspiring exterior definitely attracts more consumers to the shopping centre, encouraging them to shop more and, most importantly, to come back.

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