Degraves Street, Melbourne, Australia

Summer flair and lasting memories!

MK Illumination Australia proudly presents the Degraves Street Festive decoration project 2023! This first-ever Melbourne project showcases vibrant artificial floral baubles celebrating Australia's native flora. Symbolizing connection and cross-pollination, each flower ball, decorated with indigenous blooms, transforms Degraves Street, an iconic Melbourne laneway, into a dazzling spectacle. As the sun sets, fairy lights within ignite, creating a magical glow that embodies the city's continuous vibrancy.

This project marks a groundbreaking moment - a landmark partnership with the City of Melbourne and a spark for community spirit. Despite its modest scale, it has deeply resonated with locals and tourists alike, sparking joy and generating social media buzz. Set in the heart of Melbourne, the Degraves Street project not only exemplifies our commitment to innovative design but also adds a culturally meaningful touch to one of the city's beloved landmarks, making it a deserving contender for the Best Project Award.

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