The Love Way, Eilat City, Israel 

A lovely atmosphere and fantastic memories!

Introducing 'The Love Way,' a newly christened street in the southernmost city of Israel, Eilat. Known for its scorching climate and robust southern winds, Eilat's unique weather was at the forefront of MK Illumination Israel's design concept. 

The mission was to encapsulate the profound significance of the street's name while paying attention to Eilat's climatic conditions. The outcome? Heartfelt poll motifs crafted with Rope Light, bearing the word 'LOVE' in both Hebrew and English. This design marks the first-ever instance of street lighting featuring the Hebrew language in Israel. 

With remarkable efficiency, MK Illumination Israel adorned the street with 60 of these poll motifs within a mere 48 hours, illuminating 'The Love Way' in a radiant display of affection. 

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