Kumla City, Sweden

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In 2022 the city of Kumla asked MK Illumination Sweden to help them transform the city’s main park into a light trail. MK came up with the concept of the Enchanted lake with four zones: The Ice Kingdom, The World of Fables, The Forgotten Forest and The End of the Rainbow.

After the success the city decided to evolve the park for 2023. This year MK Illumination Sweden has added more motives and started planning for new zones in 2024. But the main addition is various motives running all the way from the central station, through the city centre to the park, to be able to tell the story all through the city. The stories have been picked up on by the city’s marketing team who have transformed them into a multiple chapter story about the dragon and the animals of the park. Signs and music have also been added, making the Enchanted Lake a dynamic and multiple layered experience. 

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