IMIX PARK, Jiangmen, China

A welcoming atmosphere and fantastic memories!

In Jiangmen, China, the IMIX PARK in Xinhui district presents "ZANXINGYEYUE," in Chinese, it means that the thing worn is dazzling. The text "Xing" and "Yue” also contain the meanings of the stars and the bright moon themselves, which symbolize peace and beauty, and can bring a touch of coolness to people's hearts on hot summer nights. Amidst the city's concrete expanse, MK Illumination China created a haven where bright stars fall, guiding visitors to a "Fantasy City in the Sky."

This enchanting space, filled with light, elegance, and modern style, invites busy passersby to pause, relax, and immerse in the chic allure of this urban retreat. It's an opportunity to experience a blend of fashion and peace, a unique combination in the heart of the city.  

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