ÁRKÁD shopping centre,
Györ, Hungary

A welcoming atmosphere and fantastic memories!

The prominent meeting point of the city of Győr is the ÁRKÁD shopping centre, located in the heart of the city. The new Christmas decoration has just increased its’ popularity and the number of visitors, not to mention the significant marketing value that the fresh decoration brings to the centre. The conceptually designed exterior and interior decoration is in complete harmony with each other. „We have turned Christmas shopping into an experience, making visitors feel like they are in a wonderland amidst flying reindeer and floating Christmas trees. The 3D heart selfie point became a star on social media, with the youth writing, "Let's meet at the heart!" and everyone instantly knew it was about ÁRKÁD.

The little ones rode the small train amidst the snowman, Christmas trees and gift boxes, their sparkling eyes and big smiles were very expressive. Social media platforms were flooded with photos full of experiences, thanks to the decoration. Visiting ÁRKÁD has become a Christmas family program. MK magic made its’ impact.

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