Old Montréal, Canada

Over 54 years ago, Old Montréal was designated "Montréal's historical district," in recognition of its outstanding cutlural and heritage features. Since then, Old Montréal and its partners have been actively ensucring its preservation and showcasing its attractions. Today, this founding site of the city is a dynamic area, a key part of the urban landscape, the city's main tourist attraction and a destination beloved by Montrealers and visitors alike.

To showcase the area's origins and roots while enhancing and respecting its unique architecture and nature, our creative team developed and illuminated structure concept featuring a warm, pure white colour scheme. Inspired by the elegance and refinement of the current illuminated trees that have become Old Montreal icons in the winter months, the proposed elemetns will add to this brilliant ambiance.

Jacinthe Guénette, Managing Director of MK Illumination Canada had this to say: "Our aim is to make Old Montreal an unfogettable winter destination that takes its place in the constellation of well-known international cities thanks to its wonderful and inviting atmosphere that offers the perfect mix of tradition and modernity."

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