Innsbruck, Austria

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For many years, MK Illumination Austria has been responsible for the festive lighting in the city of Innsbruck, attracting residents and visitors alike.

In 2019, the lighting in Maria-Theresien-Straße was further enhanced by two giant illuminated Christmas balls at the annual Christmas Market. One ball adorned the market stalls, while the other provided additional seating for visitors and became a popular selfie spot over the Christmas holidays.

Another brand-new addition to the city's lighting is a special light sculpture made up of the animals of the so-called "Vier Viecher Eck". This square takes its name from the four inns that surround it: The Red Eagle, the Golden Stag, the White Horse Inn and the Golden Lion. This light sculpture shows each of the animals depicted and should not be confused with the fairy tale "The Bremen Musicians"!

The festive atmosphere in the city is created by low-energy LEDs, helping to keep the energy budget manageable and supporting the city's sustainability goals.

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