Wolfgangsee, Austria

A feel-good atmosphere and lasting memories!

When three communities on Lake Wolfgang joined forces to create the Wolfgangsee Advent, little did they know that their efforts would lead to an increase in the number of visitors over the Christmas period from 80,000 to 330,000. Light has played a major role in creating the atmosphere that makes this experience so special.

The three communities - Strobl, St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang - are all situated right on the lake, so it made sense to light the lake itself so that everyone could benefit. The result is a 16 metre tall, custom-made, LED-lit wooden lantern that floats in the middle of the lake and serves as a beacon for visitors to the three lakeside communities. The lantern is surrounded by floating, illuminated stars that add to the magical atmosphere of each community.

Visitors reach each community by boat and the illuminated lake helps to set the mood for the festive season. Light sculptures in the shape of swans now also greet visitors as they embark and disembark the boats.

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