İstinye Park Mall, Istanbul, Turkey

A wonderful atmosphere and fantastic memories!

At İstinye Park in Istanbul, the New Year brings in a magical atmosphere that reconnects us all. Among this enchanting decoration, a long-missed warmth and joy return, symbolizing new beginnings and the timeless spirit of Christmas. This year, the mall blends traditional Christmas symbols with the unique charm of local culture, creating immersive thematic areas that capture the essence of hope and togetherness. Customers were able to experience a dreamy landscape, where giant festive figures, traditional icons and eye-catching candles create a fairytale-like experience. The chosen color palette, featuring essential tones, crafts an exciting and vibrant atmosphere, intensifying the New Year spirit. This festive season, İstinye Park invited customers to join in a heartwarming celebration, to enjoy and share the joy of togetherness. 

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