Limbecker Platz Mall, Essen, Germany

A welcoming atmosphere and fantastic memories!

Situated in the heart of the city, the "Limbecker Platz" shopping center in Essen holds the distinction of being the ultimate shopping destination for visitors from the Ruhr area and beyond. 

Under the theme of "Heart of the Ruhr Area" the Christmas lights brilliantly capture the essence of the design concept. Four monumental highlights await discovery, promising to envelop visitors in a world of enchanting wonder. A flying Christmas tree acting as a music box, creates a spell of festive cheer. Meanwhile, a rotating platform unveils the winter silhouette of Essen. The event area boasts a kaleidoscope tree adorned with reflective facets, radiating brilliance alongside flying Christmas trees and jewelry hangers. 

In another rotunda, a golden crystal chandelier takes on the form of a Christmas tree, releasing elegance. The grand finale showcases a heart crafted from charcoal, encircled by shimmering lights and luminous Christmas wreaths. 

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