Q19 shopping district, Döbling, Austria

A welcoming atmosphere and fantastic memories!

One of the many highlights of the Q19 shopping centre in Döbling during the Christmas season is the festive lighting. The centre management invests in festive lighting because they know that light makes people happy and happy people stay longer in the centre and shop longer!

For the 2019 Christmas season, the centre opted for a palette of red and warm white lights, filling its interiors with oversized Organic Balls motifs that glowed an inviting red over the heads of visitors. Curtains of light added a touch of class to the space, as did the path of festively lit Christmas trees that adorned the centre.  A light sculpture in the shape of a horse acted as a selfie and photo point, proving popular with shoppers of all ages and regularly appearing on social media.

The centre wanted its exterior to be as festive as its interior, so spectacular light curtains transformed the exterior façade into a visual highlight that welcomed shoppers from afar.

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