Rødovre Centrum, Rødovre, Denmark 

A feel-good atmosphere and lasting memories!

Welcome to "Håbets Hospital" – The Hospital of Hope, a heartwarming collaboration between Rødovre Centrum and the "Børneulykkesfonden" (Child Accident Fund). Here, heroic doctors and nurses armed with laughter and boundless creativity stand as guardians, dedicated to play and movement for the roughly 60,000 little souls hospitalized in Denmark annually. 

MK Illumination Denmark's project comes to life with animatronics portraying heroes, symbolizing the heroic doctors, tending to hospitalize animals and cherished teddy bears, representing those 60,000 children. The team aims to shed light on the remarkable daily efforts of these medical heroes. 

The instaboxes, a cherished feature, return as interactive decorations, and the outdoor RGB lights harmoniously mirror the vibrant indoor main area. Together, MK Denmark create a space that not only captivates but also raises awareness of the invaluable work performed by these doctors day in and day out. 

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