Organic Motifs

Since its launch, our Organic series has enjoyed great popularity thanks to its "natural look". We have therefore constantly expanded the range over the years and innovated its production to increase the organic components. As a large proportion of the product is made of wood instead of plastic, we have been able to save tons of plastic. Meanwhile, the plastic added to the Organic motifs is made from bio-based waste under the mass balance approach.


This means that the content of the plastic is derived from renewable raw materials. In our case, this raw material comes from bio-based waste and residual materials such as used cooking oils. This has the great advantage that the raw materials do not compete with our food chain. Compared to polymers made from fossil raw materials, the plastic we use has a lower carbon footprint and is manufactured in Europe.

What makes our ORGANIC Collection so unique

We work with natural raw materials: 30% of the wood in Organic motifs comes from PEFC-certified managed forests.

Upgrade: Change the proportion of virgin plastic in our products to plastic made from bio-based waste. Until end of 2024 all Organic Motifs will be produced under the mass balance approach.

Made in Europe: Handmade in MK’s own facility. Each piece is unique.

The natural surface optics are striking: Organics also have a wonderful effect by day and by night.

Durable: Long lifespan – wind and weather-proof as well as fungus resistant. This reduces their CO2 footprint.

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