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MK Illumination and we have enjoyed many years of good co-operation based on personal commitment, helpfulness and mutual trust!

We were one of the first hotels to add a new dimension to the Christmas atmosphere with festive lighting from MK Illumination. That was around twenty years ago. Our guests liked and still like it very much. That's why we will remain loyal to MK Illumination.

We have collaborated with MK Illumination Denmark and their sister company, Création Group, for many years - not only over Christmas but also in connection with other occasions and holidays throughout the calendar year. I am very pleased with the way in which we work together and feel that MK Illumination always makes a great effort to meet the wishes and visions of the Rødovre Center. MK Illumination and Création Group are very good at integrating creative ideas into a complete solution for our center. For us, they are not just a supplier, but a highly valued partner.

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