3D light sculptures of mother and baby swan at the shopping center Holtkuile in Raalte, the Netherlands.
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Retail parks often need creative ways to stand out from other retail spaces and to attract locals and visitors from further afield. Studies show that now more than ever, visitors want more than a large selection of shops: they want experiences that they can share with friends and family, in person and online.

Festive and decorative lighting, tailor-made to enhance your space, creates unique visual experiences that create atmosphere, attract visitors and help your retail park to stand out from the crowd. Is your retail park visible from major arteries? Use festive lighting is ideal to outline and accentuate your buildings, and architectural elements, turning your retail park into a shining beacon that draws visitors from afar.

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Retail Parks - Netherlands

Holtkuile Shop in Raalte




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Why festive lighting for your retail park?

  • Use festive lighting to create a WOW-effect, stand out from the competition and attract visitors
  • Create engaging visual experiences that make people want to share online and in-person
  • Infuse your retail park with a festive atmosphere that encourages visitors to stay longer and enjoy everything your retail spaces have to offer
  • Draw visitors from afar by using festive lighting to light up your buildings and structures so that they can be seen from highways and major arteries

Contact us to find out more about how MK Illumination can help you use True Light Experiences to transform your retail park with festive decorative light.

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