Quality Matters

Since our humble beginnings in 1996, we’ve understood that investing in high-quality products and solutions is critical. Our ongoing commitment to quality over the years means that our customers trust us to deliver long-lived products and solutions that they can rely on. As a business, our commitment to quality has allowed us to minimise waste and returns, continually invest in innovative design and development, and deliver ROI to our customers. And in a world where sustainable business practices are key, we now know that well-manufactured products that last and last are good for the environment, too.


MK Illumination’s BUY SMART is the first evaluation model for our decorative lighting products. This model will help you check and evaluate crucial quality aspects when buying lighting products. It is based on four criterias: Safety, legality, efficiency and sustainability.

Our continuous quality control is ensured along the entire production process until the final inspection of the finished product. Is not only verified by MK’s in-house quality assurance laboratory, but also by certified testing laboratories. 

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In-house Manufacturing

We design our motifs in-house and have full control over their production because we manufacture our products in our own facilities. Currently, we have 11 production facilities situated in 10 countries in Europe, China, Africa, and the Americas.

Long-Lasting Products

There is no point in only applying quality controls to one aspect of our business. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship applies to all that we do and everything that we create: from our high-value piece of art Light Sculptures to the smallest LEDs that are the essential ingredients in many of our solutions.

Although we’ve been using LEDs since 2008, our efforts to improve upon the technology over the years is never-ending. Our Premium and Eco Premium LEDs have a longer service life when compared to conventional LEDs on the market, which is great for customers who value long-lasting solutions. With 80% of CO2 emissions being emitted during the production process, long-lived products mean less CO2 emissions, which is good for the environment, too. 

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