About MK Illumination

In a world longing for connection, we use festive and atmosphere lighting to turn everyday spaces into warm, welcoming, vibrant spaces that bring people together.

In 1996, our founders, Klaus, Marie and Thomas Mark, started MK Illumination with a simple vision: to make people happy using light and design. Today, they bring their vision to life daily, working closely with a team of internal experts and 44 subsidiary leaders across the globe.

We've worked hard to drive innovation over the years, and we're proud to say that we set the standard for quality, sustainability and creative design in the festive lighting industry. This has allowed us to create products and solutions that are effective, long-lasting and low in energy consumption, all of which are good for our customers and their communities, as well as the environment.

From cutting-edge design from our design teams to quality-controlled products manufactured in-house at our facilities in 11 countries, our full-service approach means that we can help customers worldwide with every aspect of their festive lighting and decoration needs. 

We provide tailored solutions for customers across a range of sectors, including Public Spaces, Retail Real Estate, Hospitality and Leisure, Travel Retail, Corporate Business, Amusement Parks and Festivals, as well as directly with wholesalers.  Our LUMAGICA light parks are the latest addition to the MK Illumination family, brightening up cities and public spaces around the world each winter.

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Atmospheric Lighting creates Moments of happiness

Our formular for creating moments of happiness has proven itself time and again, and it will remain unchanged for years to come:

  • We leverage the positive effects that light has on people - the good
  • We design lighting that embodies the most beautiful aesthetic form - the beautiful
  • We are a value-oriented company and we operate with integrity and transparency - the true

This is why lighting experiences from MK Illumination create true moments of happiness.

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What began pragmatically as a way to feed my family, has turned into an exciting adventure over the past 25 years. It is our speciality to create a positive and optimistic atmosphere with light displays that simply provide moments of happiness for people. A wonderful task that continues to inspire us to this day - Klaus Mark CEO and founder of MK Illumination

Our family business with 77 employees in Innsbruck, and 1070 employees in 44 sales offices worldwide stands for independence, financial strength, and continuous growth. And we will continue to follow our existing strategy of success in the future - Thomas Mark Founder and President of MK Illumination

We have been making people happy with atmospheric lighting since 1986. From a small company where everyone did everything, we have grown into a specialized team. I am incredibly proud of our employees and their journey with us. We are committed to sustainable growth, investing in ecological solutions and laying the foundations for future generations. Our vision is guided by three bold values: make every action count, build trust and celebrate life. - Marie Mark

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