Europapark Rust, Germany

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This makes long-term relationships with clients not only possible, but incredibly rewarding. Since 2012, MK Illumination Austria has the privilege of working with Europa-Park, the second largest theme park in Europe, contributing to the magic of its themed hotels: Bell Rock, Colosseo, Santa Isabel, El Andaluz and Castillo Alcazar.

The journey began with the festive decoration of these five unique hotels, laying the foundations for a partnership based on creativity, trust and mutual respect. The owner of the park, with its castle on the grounds, asked MK to breathe new life into his collection of 3D light motifs. This project wasn't just about refurbishment; it was about preserving memories while giving them a modern twist.

Step by step, the collaboration grew, introducing personalised designs and decorating new areas of the park. This evolving partnership teaches a valuable lesson: lasting customer relationships are fostered by listening, innovating together and delivering unprecedented, unique solutions. Great projects don't happen overnight. They are the result of years of steady and dedicated teamwork. MK is proud to say that, like Europa-Park, most of our clients have been with them for many years. That's not just business; it's a testament to the power of partnership and innovation.

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