Au/Heerbrugg, Switzerland

An shining atmosphere and fantastic memories!

To truly understand a place's essence, we journey back through time – in this case, a remarkable 29,000 years. During that era, the relentless Rhine Glacier sculpted the terrain of Au/Heerbrugg, leaving a profound mark. As the glacier retreated, it left behind glacial erratics, echoing the mysteries of the past. 

MK Illumination Switzerland's concept draws inspiration from these mysterious glacial erratics. They've crafted 3D stars, uniform in shape but varying in size, symbolizing a connection between Au and Heerbrugg. These cosmic markers are strategically placed along roads and in village centers, signifying discovery and fostering a sense of wonder. 

The idea, marked by depth and uniqueness, overtook four competitors, impressing a jury well-versed in light and art. MK Switzerland understood the importance of storytelling, and it was this narrative that pushed the concept to victory.

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